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True Blue Boutique

True Blue Boutique

This Is Our Story

We began our journey of a life in fashion in 2010 as owner Cindy Collums decided she wanted to open a clothing boutique in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Having clothed three daughters for years, Cindy already knew how to dress young women with different styles, body types, and ages. When she told her daughters about the idea, they were all thrilled, and the family quickly jumped on board to help start the new boutique.

Deciding on a name for the business proved the most difficult part of opening. From a young age, Cindy has always called Kara Beth, her oldest daughter, "Blue" for her gorgeous blue eyes. Cindy wanted to name the business something that meant a lot to the family, and what better way than naming it after her eldest girl. "True Blue" seemed so catchy that once it was tossed up as a choice for the name, there was no comparison.

Since October 2010, True Blue has been a growing business thriving in Downtown Pontotoc. Our clothing has made it to most states in the US, and even abroad! Cindy, alongside her mother, Patsy, youngest daughter Karlyn, and two wonderful sales associates Hannah and Shelbie, we have created a fun shopping experience for girls of all ages and size! Shop with us, and you'll see why everyone is falling in love with True Blue!


Cindy Collums
Owner, Stylish, Buyer

Cindy is the mother of three daughters and the "Cha Cha" of two granddaughters and a grandson. She has a degree in elementary education, but ended her teaching career to be a stay at home mom for nineteen years before opening True Blue in 2010. Cindy loves to exercise, spend her days off by the pool, and her favorite item to shop for is shoes!

Karlyn Warren
Store Manager, Stylist, Buyer, Social Media Marketer

Karlyn is married and is the mother to a baby boy John Barrett. She has a Business Administration degree from Blue Mountain College. She enjoys spending time with her husband and son.